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Personal E-Mail for Individual Members

If you are a member of the Fairmount Eng Co # 2 and you have an E-Mail address and it is not listed, please send E-Mail to Fairmount Eng. Co. # 2

E-Mail: Stephen D. Keeley, Recording Secretary and WebMaster

E-Mail:Richard A. Stiteler, President

E-Mail: Walter Booz, Financial Secretary

E-Mail:Kermit Royer

E-Mail:Mike Logan

E-Mail:Gary Karns

E-Mail:Chris Camarda

E-Mail:John Salamone, Lieutenant

E-Mail:John Calamia, Paramedic

E-Mail:Julie Nickler

E-Mail:Dennis O'Donnell

E-Mail:Assistant Chief Thomas O'Donnell or Assistant Chief Thomas O'Donnell

E-Mail:Vince Caprio

E-Mail:Pete Trynkiewicz

E-Mail:James Lentz

E-Mail:Brian Bell

E-mail:Stephen Malinchock

E-mail:James Gallagher

E-Mail:Deborah Reigh, RN CNRI

E-Mail:Jamy Lyn Pierson, Investigating Committee

E-Mail:Frank Colelli, Lieutenant

Anyone not listed can be contacted by Fairmount Engine Company # 2

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This page last updated July 27, 2001